An Introvert’s Guide To Being More Social In Your Work Environment

You can do the same in the evening. Create a ritual by spending some time alone and allowing your mind to let go of anything that happened at work. Take a bath, read a book, meditate, de-clutter at home, journal your thoughts.

If you keep spending time alone on a daily basis, you will never get overwhelmed by being around people at work.


6.  Be positive.

Don’t forget to smile when you’re around others. It’s often easy to get lost in thoughts and others can feel that. But a positive vibe won’t hurt anybody.

Be excited about challenging yourself by doing something you aren’t comfortable with. By investing in your career. By being part of a team and helping a company achieve its vision.


7.  Don’t push it.

Some introverts might get too ambitious and challenge themselves to talk to anyone at work, especially the more important or just social figures. But sometimes that might be a mistake.

For example, if you start talking to somebody and get this feeling in your stomach that you just don’t want to continue this conversation (and this continues or occurs every time you’re around him), listen to your guts. In fact, scientists call this gut feeling our second brain.

When someone isn’t a good company or is toxic somehow, that takes away your energy, makes you upset or uncomfortable, and is not only pointless to keep this going, but is actually harmful. So leave. That could be people who only talk about themselves, make you feel inferior to them or tend to verbally bully you and others around them.

Don’t play their game. Walk away and surround yourself with better people.
Being an introvert isn’t a weakness. In fact, it can become your asset, and you can improve your social life even though you’re anxious in public or when having to talk to others. Follow the tips above to connect more in the workplace and be part of the team, so you can excel in your career and form meaningful relationships.

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An Introvert’s Guide To Being More Social In Your Work Environment

Written by Sarah Williams

Sarah is a lifestyle writer specializing in men’s dating advice, which she regularly shares on Wingman Magaizne. Her biggest interest is analyzing human behavior and cherishing interactions with other people.

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