Same Words But Totally Different Perception, This Is How Introverts and Extrovert See Some Common Things

 August 06, 2017

Same Words But Totally Different Perception, This Is How Introverts and Extrovert See Some Common Things

phones are the best thing that happened to mankind. The tool that helps them connect with all their ‘contacts’ even when they cannot afford to be physically present around them. Communication usually is very casual among extroverts, usually hours of talk without a purpose or a subject in mind. A mode which helps them satisfy their need of being heard by someone. 

For Introverts 

They like to go to the point and try to avoid small talk as much as possible. They mostly resort to indirect methods of communication, like texts, chats and emails and avoid phone calls or direct meetings highest. While they love to ‘text’, Phone calls are disturbing machines which deprive them of their peaceful state of mind.


4. Reading/Books

For extroverts-

An obligatory source of knowledge which you must grapple to end up with a good job.A source of entertainment when there is nothing else around and a travel companion for a long journey by train or bus especially when there are no people around to talk.

For introverts

A book is a best friend, a means to travel the world, meet new people and have an adventure without any apparent inconvenience. A home where you find solace and your savior in cafes or places where you want to avoid people from talking to you. Reading a process to enhance your creativity and books your favorite gift.


5. Being a Good Company

For extroverts

a good companion is all about not letting the other feel left out or lonely. It is mostly by spreading joy by bringing everyone together. Keeping a conversation going by not letting it drop to an awkward silence. Asking people about their how abouts and engaging in small talks to start a conversation.

For introverts
being a good companion is more about respecting the others personal boundaries and giving them a healthy breathing space. Good manners are not disturbing or bothering people unless absolutely necessary. Talking to the point without engaging in useless, time consuming awkward small talks. Simply letting people be, allowing them their personal space and time and not trying them engage them in a conversation unless absolutely necessary.


6. Being bored

For extroverts

being bored is mostly ‘not doing something’. They constantly seek to keep themselves occupied. They cannot sit idle without anyone to talk or show their actions to. They constantly seek approval from other humans  Being bored is mostly having to be alone at home with no one to talk or give them company.

For introverts,

boredom is when they have to be in a place they don’t want to be, with people they don’t really know. The obligatory social gatherings where people get together and engage in small talks. You will find the introvert sitting in a corner wishing it to be over soon or imagining a situation where they come up with an excuse to leave that place get back in the comfort of their solitude.


7. Weekends


For extrovert

weekend means party time. Time of the week when they can be around a lot of people. Dance, talk, go to places like clubs attend parties and enjoy. They wait for this day to recharge themselves by being around people, talking with them and socializing. Weekend means a movie or party time. A day to have fun.

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