7 Differences Between Being Shy and Being Introverted

differences between shy and normal people

4. Starting Conversations Is Not Always The Same Ballgame.

Being Introverted Being Shy Not Same conversations

Introverted: An interesting thing about introverts is that they are perfectly capable of initiating conversations, but they rarely ever do so. Initiating a conversation means the limelight and everyone’s eyes will be on them, and that is something they don’t really feel comfortable with. It is only in rare situations would you find an introverted person starting conversations all by themselves.

Shy: The thing with shy people is that they like interacting with other people, even strangers, but they want the other person to approach them and initiate a conversation. This does not stem from arrogance or a high-handed attitude, it’s just that they feel a bit intimidated with the prospect of going up to someone and just start talking.

5. They Have Different Ways Of Having Conversations.

Being Introverted Being Shy Not Same conversations having

Introverted: Introverts are famous for hating small talk, and it is truly something they run from. They would any day choose to have deep conversations, and conversations that will help them know a person inside out. Talking about the weather is not really their cup of tea, but talking about dreams, goals, mindsets, and how a person truly is on the inside – now that’s something an introvert always looks forward to.

Shy: Shy people, on the other hand, don’t find it particularly pleasing to express themselves by speaking their minds. Even if they have something major to say, they would much rather be quiet, than verbally express what is on their mind. Speaking their mind openly is a bit of a challenge for them.

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6. Public Speaking Brings Out Different Reactions In Them.

Being Introverted Being Shy Not Same conversations public speaking

Introverted: Now, introverted people might not talk much in bigger settings nor do they always look to express their opinions everywhere they go. But interestingly, when it comes to public speaking they are sometimes the best people to go for. Introverts are sometimes even better speakers than extroverts and ambiverts, and that is because they are skilled at structuring their speeches and words in such a way, that it draws energy from their audience.

Shy: Shy people on the other hand don’t do so well with public speaking. The moment they are put on a stage and are expected to speak in front of hundreds of people, they start sweating profusely, get tensed up a lot, and have flushed faces. The whole prospect of standing up there and talking in front of that many people is enough to make them panic.

7. Their Party Personalities Are Different.

Being Introverted Being Shy Not Same conversations public party

Introverted: Introverts are often mistaken as shy people at parties because they don’t exhibit many facial expressions. You will normally find them in the corner of the room, quietly observing and analyzing everyone with a poker face. They are not the most animated and expressive people when they are at a party.

Shy: Whenever you put a shy person in an unfamiliar situation, they will feel enormously uncomfortable. Being surrounded by people they don’t know scares them and makes them feel out of place. Being in a party where they hardly know anyone is a sure-shot way of feeling awkward and uneasy.

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So, now you know the differences between an introverted person and a shy person, and why it’s totally unfair to consider them to be the same. Which one are you – the introverted one, or the shy one? Let us know in the comments down below!

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