Hey Introvert

5 Things Extroverted Creatives Want You to Know

As a society, we don't generally see extroverts as intellectuals, artists or the creative types, as people who pursue goals in areas stereotyped as "quiet".

5 Things That Makes An Introvert Happy

Things an Introvert Needs to Be Happy and Content in life

9 Humbling Life Lessons I’ve Learned as an INFJ

Lesson #2 You find it almost impossible to find anyone who speaks the same “language” as you …

How Mindfulness Works For Introverts

For introverts, the issue is not about an ability to be still and think, How Mindfulness Works For Introverts.

10 Signs You’re An Ambivert (Neither An Introvert Nor An Extrovert)

Here are some key traits that suggest that you might be in the middle of the Personality Spectrum, i.e., – An Ambivert.

How to Be a Quiet Warrior in a Deafening and Turbulent World

At some point during your journey through life, you start to become quieter inside.

The INFJ Personality Types and Their Demons

Depending on what they believe in, they can turn out to be the epitome of either good or evil.

11 Reasons Why Introverts Are Terrible At Dating

It’s not easy to find love, but for introverts, it’s more than just being difficult.

10 Signs You Have A Rare Personality

1. You have the feeling you are lonesome and different

The Introvert Advantage: Your Pros in the Extraversion World

Being an introvert means that you know what you want and you will work to reach it. They will not waste their time as they know exactly what to say and when to say it.

8 Paradoxes of An INFJ Personality Type That Makes Them The Most Misunderstood People On Earth

8 Paradoxes of An INFJ Personality Type That Makes Them The Most Misunderstood People On Earth

The Truth About Being An Introvert As Told By An Introvert

This is what it’s like to be an introvert. Read this to know

An Introvert’s Guide To Being More Social In Your Work Environment

You know what they say. Networking is a big part of being successful in your career field, especially if you want to climb the ladder. But what if you’re an introvert? Well, it will be a bit harder, but there are still ways to be social at work.

Embracing Solitude

I wonder where we have lost our sense of “wonder”. We wake up to whats app messages instead of soaking in the sensation of sunrays...

The Happiness Of Living Alone In 10+ Perfect Illustrations

These illustrations show why living alone can be pretty awesome

Dear Introvert.. A Christmas Letter For You

I want to tell you that it’s alright if your idea of a perfect Christmas is a quiet one.

Ask These 5 Deep Questions If You Want To Know About A Person’s True Self

Having a deep discussion with someone helps you bond better than meaningless chatter.

Reasons Why The Quiet Ones Have the Strongest Minds

There's this constant whirlwind of motion and sound all around, and then there's the quiet one, the eye of the storm.”