10 Things About Love Only Introverts Would Understand


8. Introverts long to be understood.

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Introverts mostly depend on those they love to understand them. They would love to have someone around who would understand their silence, their body language and facial expressions rather than judge them for coming off as being aloof, distant and cold.

If something about them bothers you, just get it cleared by having a straightforward discussion with them instead of reaching conclusions. They appreciate knowing you are noticing, reaching out to embrace each other’s differences.


9. Introverts love to have fun.

Just because they don’t gain energy from large gatherings doesn’t mean they don’t love to laugh and have a blast.

Introverts have sharp witty humor that reveals itself when they are with people they trust and find comfort with. A quiet person doesn’t necessarily need to be boring.


10. Introverts love to know you are happy.

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Introverts know that they are different, or at least they feel different than others.

They need to know that you are happy with the level of social activities they share, and in the depth that they share themselves. It is all about trying to understand and respect each other’s difference. They just need to know that they are still capable of making you feel lucky to have them.

Introverts are some of the most loyal, supportive, uplifting, peaceful souls among us. For an introvert to have picked you to share life with, means you are one amazing person worthy of risking their heart and soul for.


You will definitely enjoy the thrill of unwrapping an introvert layer by layer before you are overwhelmed by their love.

If you are an introvert, try to openly communicate with your partner so as to reduce misunderstanding between you both. We all can learn a lot from each other if we can exercise respectable understanding.


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10 Things About Love Only Introverts Would Understand

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