10 Things About Love Only Introverts Would Understand


4. Introverts deeply value listening.

One of the most powerful ability of an introvert is their listening and understanding capacity. They will actively listen to you speak your heart.

And guess what?

They will remember every details of the conversation. Because they were not merely staring at your face or fidgeting with their phones when you spoke; they listened, they absorbed every words that fell off your mouth.

Similarly, they also desire you to listen mindfully when they share something. An introvert will plan and contemplate a conversation with you before they actually speak. So, when they express, they demand to be fully understood. 


5. Introverts do not mean to seem distant in love.

When you love an introvert you may always feel a tiny bit like an outsider in their little world. You may be often left a little in the dark regarding where you stand in their hearts. And this might frustrate you a lot more than you can handle.

They are always like in a little bubble of their own. Once you are granted deep connection, know that never goes away for them. There’s nothing devilish going on in the little brain of theirs.

They are actually just observing, thinking, analyzing and learning – an natural way of their being. 


6. Introverts often fall in love with extroverts.

They admire and envy you at the same time.

Introverts are in awe of your ability to woo others, and charm the room, fill the air with laughter and spread your bubbling energy. The ease with which you interact with strangers is dreamlike for introverts!

Your happy-go-lucky nature of spreading smiles everywhere is immensely attractive to the introverts. But it is also life threatening to them.

Introverts see in you something they know they can’t be, and they worry you will grow bored of our quiet spirits.


7. It’s best to let an introvert think before you argue.

Introverts are slow at responding. We work things out in our heads first.

We choose our words with care. Just diving into a reactive fight to is not going to work well for an introvert.

Often when introverts go along with hashing it out before they are ready they won’t really buy into the resolution.

They like to take their time to process the entire context before they talk out the solutions. That way it becomes clear to both the partners about where they stand.


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