7 Tips For A Successful Introvert Extrovert Relationship

when polarities are at play.

 May 13, 2019

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7 Tips For A Successful Introvert Extrovert Relationship

3. Work on having fun together

If you’re in an introvert-extrovert relationship, fun can take work at the beginning.

Take this fact a little too personally and it can leave you feeling angry and resentful. But if you learn to take it in your stride, compromises may begin to seem more palatable.

Since there are inherent differences in this combination, it is likely that you’ll have to bargain between independence and interdependence all the way through.

List out things you can do with each other. That will also give you a list of things that you’ll have to keep separate, allowing each of you to then explore how to use your “independent” time. 


4. Make frequent clarifications

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, it’s highly likely that your idea is not to hurt your partner by being who you are or the way you process the world around you. Put simply, it is what it is.

However, a basic set of differences can often make an introvert and extrovert question and doubt each other.

To avoid this, set your intentions clear and seek and make clarifications more often than you’d probably like.

Articulating your truth precisely and with emotions as you experience them, can be helpful.


5. Balance your preferences

Once you’ve accepted that you’ll have to work against the tide in some ways in an introvert-extrovert relationship, set about to strike a balance about plans and preferences.

Follow the give one, take one approach.

Explore if you can make space for this approach more and more, though let’s agree that to begin with, such a balancing act might seem fake or highly pretentious. 


6. Any polarization in relationship can affect the people involved.

An introvert-extrovert combination is unique. What can help is to remember that no one really is a “pure” introvert  or extrovert, because in truth, even introverts need company and extroverts need to rejuvenate by retreating.

Given how complex it can get, taking some of the above mentioned steps can clear your path, a little bit every single time. 


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7 Tips For A Successful Introvert Extrovert Relationship

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