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Into The Silence

Into the silence I go, once in a while from the large world outside, to the small world inside, to make peace with myself -my soul; the home, where I live with grace. Being honest, readily surrendering all that was concealed; faking perfection, annoying me- the peace that I want to gather and embrace.

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Into the silence I go, once in a while shedding away all that was unreal, to caress myself, over those wounds, to address those scars, mostly, overlooked and to surrender in silence to myself- the soul, to which I belong.

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    Shehla Ashkar
    Shehla Ashkar is a passionate writer, poet and the author of the book, 'The Voice of Silence'. The book has been published by Partridge Publishers. At profession, she is a competent Brand Strategist and Corporate Communication consultant, who is engaged in working for various Brands and businesses. Writing has always been her most attached passion and writing poetry according to her has been her meditation. It is one thing that she finds herself amused or refreshed with, in her leisure time! She has written a good number of poems and articles that has been published in some of the anthologies/journals. At home, she is a daughter, wife and a mom to three lovely lives!
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