Into The Avoidant’s Shelter

Into The Avoidant's Shelter

Distance has the nickname comfort zone

Keeping everything at bay when alone

Independence as well as liberty

A first degree’s apparent clarity

Considered normal in society

The everyday man takes it lightly

To have, to do, instead of to be

Can you imagine the pain babe?

Not much to learn from the iceberg’s tip

Discoveries are at your fingertips

Plunge head down into this icy water

See what’s into the avoidant’s shelter…

His likely great strength of character

Processing somehow like love’s igniter

Underlying cause is to gain control

Afraid behind his mask so he patrols

He doesn’t get the equipment to dive

Too expansive to attempt a strive

Preference to float at the surface

Mind that could drown for losing his tough face

Showing more often than not reticence

Affections pushed away with vehemence

He dreams secretly of the contrary

Another heart playing vulnerary

Shark who’s in fact a secretive dolphin

Locking his true nature in a coffin

By applying care he surely can reborn

No one should end their days lovelorn

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