Sex And Aural Energy: Ways To Cleanse Your Aura Regularly

Sex And Aural Energy: Ways To Cleanse Your Aura Regularly

2. Aura Healings

In an aura healing, the healer supports you in cleansing unwanted energies out of your system. The healer assists you in grounding out psychic debris, releasing blocks and helps you get your own energy flowing. If you’d like to find out more about Aura Healing, I highly recommend you research Reiki. If you’d like to experience it yourself, I recommend you look for a Reiki healer in your area).

3. Aura Readings

Often we confuse other people’s energy with our own energy. When we mistake foreign energy for our own, we do not want to release it. We hold on to it because we think it is us! In a clairvoyant aura reading, a reader can help you identify your own energy and discern foreign energy. When you recognize an energy is not you, it is much easier to release.

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      If you refer to the article & also on a spiritual soul ground. You’ll understand the point. It’s not about abstinence but about how we must be mindful with who we get intimate because once the soul latches to another it enters your aura. So if someone is out of alignment you will also be affected by their energy when you enter them and it stays with you.

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