30+ Interesting Facts About Color Blindness

Interesting Facts About Color Blindness

7. Fred Rogers, American educator, author, songwriter, and television host of the popular long-running children’s TV program Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, was red-green color blind.

8. Meat Loaf, the Hard Rock musician and winner of Grammy Award for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance and actor in cult-hit films like Rocky Horror Picture Show and Fight Club. is reportedly color blind.

9. Eddie Redmayne, the actor, singer, model, and winner of five awards can see only  blue color clearly. 

10. Emerson Moser, the senior crayon maker for Crayola, molded approximately 1.4 billion crayons during his 37-year career with the company, was blue-green color blind.

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11. Hug Down, one of the most popular and retired American broadcaster, television host, news anchor, is severely color blinded and depends on his wife to help him with clothing choices.

12. Matt Lauer, started as a sideline reporter and turned out to be the best host of NBC, has been named best-dressed man on many lists including Vanity Fair’s International Best-Dressed List in 2008 despite having mild color vision deficiency.

13. Paul Newman, the screen legend and winner of Oscar and Emmy Award, who is also popular for his blue eyes, couldn’t fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot for Navy for his color blindness. 

14. Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and the heartthrob of millions of girls on Earth, has stated publicly that he is color blind.


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