Instant Brew Word Of The Week, ‘Connect’ (17 March 2018 – 23 March 2018)

Instant Brew Word Of The Week, ‘Connect’ (17 March 2018 – 23 March 2018)


  1. The Gates of Heaven belonging to two different people gently open up with a mere physical touch though sans bodily attractions. Heat is generated but it doesn’t make them hot. Explosion if the souls is ignited by the Midas touch leading to the vibration of every cells literally and literarily. The souls will then begin to search for a platform to showcase what has been generated between them. Love is born. The soul searching is intensified. Depending upon the genuineness of the fulfilled duo, the longevity of love and lust is determined. When two real identities explode, the world is explored and not exploited. The right connection, though external, is eternal. Try getting connected for this kind of everlasting bliss.

  2. Adhering to our dear ones without weighing the pros n cons of a relationship needs no ground to develop ,with the passage of time mindset change relations get distorted and at this juncture one feels the importance of this word connect we frequently use so very liberally .. today’s connect is mostly log in and log out with ease ..


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Insecurity is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges to overcome in a relationship.
“The truth is, unless you let go, unless you forgive yourself, unless you forgive the situation, unless you realize that the situation is over, you cannot move forward.” - Steve Maraboli

Editor's Pick

Thank you for always taking and never giving. For always asking for my love and understanding and yet never being emotionally available for me.
Look closely at the picture below. And decide what you saw first. Whatever you see will tell you a lot about your perception of life and who you are on the inside.
Age has nothing to do with being a man. Age is merely a number—actions define who he really is. But here’s the problem—most women spend their time trying to change boys into men.
A Libra longs for partnership, it is her heart’s forever-wish; but to love a Libra, you must love her completely.
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