30+ Instagram Quotes From Writers That Will Touch Your Soul

The reason for leaving sometimes is to return simply to return. I left you (yes, I did) but only to be sure. Only to be sure. – Yrsa Daley-ward

Sometimes survival takes us away from our passion, but we must always find our way back. – Saccheen Laing  
Spread your wings. Build up speed. Decide to fly. It’s really that easy. – Long Distance Love Bombs

How to be alive : May it never occur to you to hide your joy, to save your words, to obscure your truth, to refrain from asking for help. Dear one, you are seen and loved and held and heard and you are not alone, you are not alone, you are not alone. – Silvi  
No two stories are ever the same; tell yours. – Yrsa Daley Ward  
“You’re too much.” “I don’t know how to be any less than I am.” – Liv Armelle
You aren’t special. Everyone, every damn person that’s ever lived, has licked the flames of hell at some point and returned in singed shreds. The real question i’d like an answer to is this: are you using your pain as an excuse or as a source of strength? – Marisa B Crane
Beware of those who seek constant crowds; they are nothing alone. – Charles Bukowski
“What are you most afraid of?” “Time. It never stops. I’m afraid it will go on without me. And I’ll end up a ghost haunting all the hours I wish I would have been brave enough to live in.” – Liv Armelle
In death, voices will praise us. In death, we hear none of it. – Saccheen Laing
If you feel it in your bones. act on it. go for it. don’t think twice about it. one of the worst things you can do is silence your heart. – R. M Drake
I’ve had so many knives stuck into me, when they hand me a flower I can’t quite make out what it is. It takes time. – Charles Bukowski  
  The best way to love someone is to start with asking how they would like to be loved. – Marisa B Crane
I refuse to let this world crumble my character. I am the author, I am the story, I am the hero. I will write myself. – Liv Armelle

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30+ Instagram Quotes From Writers That Will Touch Your Soul

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