Inspiring Stories of The 4 Most Unusual Winners Alive Today

Inspiring Stories of The 4 Most Unusual Winners Alive Today

“You are never supposed to wish for it more than you are willing to work for it. Your expectations are never supposed to exceed your effort.” – Inky Johnson

Inky trained hard on a daily basis and practiced drill all by himself in the dark after training was over. As he grew up, he pursued a master’s degree in sports psychology from the University of Tennessee and played as cornerback for the college football team. He was often ridiculed for his size by his college mates. However, he kept struggling and was among the top 30 draft picks. His coach confirmed that he would become a multi-millionaire after playing the season.

Fighting darkness

However, life had other plans for Inky. After winning his first game, he suffered a life-threatening injury from a routine tackle that left him paralyzed. The injury caused nerve damage ending his football career. With his dream of playing in the NFL completely shattered, Inky felt lost and depressed.

“It’s not about the product, it’s the process.” – Inky Johnson

But soon he realized it was not about the outcome, it was not about the product. It was always about the process. One process was over. But there were still many other processes left open. He still wanted to change the life of his cousins and his family. So he decided to turn his life around and became a motivational speaker by sharing his story with other athletes.

Today Inky Johnson is one of the leading speakers who inspires millions of professional athletes and entrepreneurs. He is a charismatic individual full of life and will power who lives his life with passion. He teaches us that we might not always get what we want, but we can always make the most of what we got. The most important thing is you always believe in yourself.

“Life is going to hit you with a certain level of opposition. It’s going to test your will, it’s going to test your heart. Life is going to say to you… you said you want it, now lets see how bad you really want it.” – Inky Johnson

#4 Jessica Cox

jessica cox quote

“It’s only human to have low moments in life because if you don’t, then you won’t feel the high, exciting times.” – Jessica Cox

Born without arms, Jessica Cox is a Guinness World Record holder as the first licensed armless pilot in the world. She is also the first armless Taekwondo black-belt certified by the American Taekwondo Association and a motivational speaker.

The armless warrior

From an early age Jessica learned to use her feet skillfully that allowed her to do things we do with our hands. Although she used prosthetic arms in high school but soon she decided otherwise as she never felt comfortable with them.

“Prosthetics just felt very foreign to me: You wear them on your shoulders, strap them to your chest, and they’re heavy and uncomfortable. If someone gave you a hug, you’d miss that touch. They were more like a cage for me.” – Jessica Cox

By now she was able enough to use her feet and she didn’t need arms to get things done. After completing school, she graduated in psychology from the University of Arizona.

From a warrior to a champion

Jessica learned how to drive an unmodified car and earned her unrestricted driver’s license. She also became the first armless person in the United States to earn a black belt in Taekwondo. Jessica also became a certified scuba diver. But she was not going to stop there. With her heart, determination and inner strength she learned to fly. Although she was reluctant & hesitant to fly initially, with the help of former fighter pilot Robin Stoddard, she turned her fear in to one of the greatest achievements in aviation history. Eventually she earned her license as a certified pilot in an ERCO Ercoupe 415C.

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