Insomnia – Instant Brew

Insomnia - Instant Brew

Dipankar couldn’t be so rude to Manjula, He leaves her for dying. It was just yesterday when Dr.Kumar confided in Dipankar, that Manjula is severely affected with Cancerous Tumour. This was indeed very painful for Manjula, No guesses !! She heard it all, All the promises of undying love, breathe their last today. Dipankar didn’t want to live like an attendant to a cancer patient, hence he turns his back towards the unfortunate girl who loves that coward to infinity.

Dipankar rewarded INSOMNIA to Manjula! Ten weeks later Manjula died of traumatic Sleepless Nights which she embraced intentionally so as to die as a true lover, Alas! Cancer didn’t prove fatal here.

Tiny Tale – 4: By Joy Serrano-Quijano 

Insomnia - Instant Brew


Hello, again old friend. The night is always young but my memory never gets old. I remember the bills I need to pay, the articles I must edit, and the cups of native coffee I need to put into my veins. Hello, old friend. Do you still find me in your dreams? We made love every midnight and cursed the rising of the sun. This constant reverie never lets me be.

The dawn embraces me like a stranger,

the night excites me like I’m his own child. Thoughts never leave me as the night is my lifeless companion every time I think of you. The cold winds, the howling of dogs, and my slumbering kids and the man I supposed to love who never knew this midnight affair with you.

Tiny Tale – 5: By Hema Lakshmi

 Insomnia - Instant Brew

She had been feeling relentlessly worthless for long…the thought ripples in her mind were endless from endless problems been thrown at her ..the emptiness in her stomach was so much that she couldn’t eat..the chaos in her mind was so much that she couldn’t sleep…the monster of DEPRESSION couldn’t kill this courageous it asked it’s mate, the INSOMNIA for the favour…

The car crashed and mission accomplished!!

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