How Life Changes After Being Broken By An Emotional Psychopath-

Life Changes After Being Broken By Emotional Psychopath

She was the one at fault, all the time. All his mistakes and shortcomings were somehow turned around and blamed on her. Not once would he admit and apologize for his faults. He was incapable of remorse, regret, or understanding how he hurt her. That’s the thing about an emotional psychopath; he simply cannot understand how a person might be broken and hurting because of his actions.

She had much to give to the world. Her gifts of compassion and generosity would do wonders if used for the betterment of mankind. But he couldn’t stand it– it made him insecure and jealous to the core. He wanted ultimate control over his girl. He wanted her to be timid, powerless and cowering in a corner, pleading before his absolute power and control.

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When the toxic emotions of jealousy filled his mind, he became more intolerant towards everyone associated with her. He wanted to cut her off from her support systems and imprison her in his ruthless trap.


Calling him self-centered would be insulting the word. He was wrapped up in himself so badly that no emotions could penetrate his harshness. His self-obsession was endless– as long as his needs were satisfied, all was fine, otherwise, all hell broke loose.

He would try to make her believe things that were completely untrue– that’s how he manipulated and brainwashed her.

He knew all the tactics to exploit her love for him. He knew how to convince her that it wasn’t a mistake on his part, that it was she who misunderstood and overreacted. He did it each and every time he wronged her, until she herself began to believe that she was the one at fault, that something was wrong with her.

She thought she was losing her mind and going crazy. She thought she should seek help and fix her mental problems. But she trusted him blindly believing that he was the one who would save her when in reality, he was the monster ruining her.

But there’s something that he overlooked– the indomitable spirit and hope growing inside her slowly but surely. After every episode of blaming and crying, a tiny ray of courage ignited within her.

His continuos ill-treatment, manipulations and fasle accusations nearly finished her. She experienced the darkest and most depressing phase of her life, and felt completely hopeless. But he never could have imagined that the tiny ray of hope and strength left in her would grow strong enough to break free from him!

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The journey of healing after being broken by an emotional psychopath

She was devastated, broken, and left so lonely by her emotional psychopath boyfriend, but she decided to fight for herself, her dreams, and life. Her story wasn’t finished yet, not until she wanted so.

She realized her journey didn’t have to end just yet. In fact, it would actually begin once she left him. She learnt to let go of her need for him. She healed her wounds. She turned a deaf ear to what the world thought of her. She didn’t let her pride mess with her healing process.

The journey of healing was a long one. She had to rebuilt herself from the ashes and rise again like a phoenix.

2 thoughts on “How Life Changes After Being Broken By An Emotional Psychopath-”

  1. I can not put into words how much your writing has touched me in every aspect. It is more than beautifully written and well put together. I think I felt almost every emotion while reading this. It has touched me in a way that is unimaginable. It definitely inspired me and motivated me even more than I am now. Not to even look back nor feel guilty. To know I wasn’t really going crazy or insane that I wasnt really loosing my mind at all it was just someone else’s sick torturous twisted game that I kept playing without knowing and had never saw coming. To know I didn’t actually loose myself, that I can and will find my true self again as long as I keep that one person out of my life I to will recover. To know and feel the real level of pain I have felt, endured and still feel from the betrayel, hurt and just plain lose of self all together was one thing but to actually know what the cause of all of it was from is another. To know my judgement was that off and what I failed to see was enough to make me more then sick. Once past that part of realization, thats where I’m at now just made me more determined and want to get my life back to what I once knew it as and my true self back even a little more. I feel like there is a new found freedom for myself and im finally feeling happy and definitely less stressed. How peaceful my life is again today, how my beautiful son can just fall right to sleep at night and even how I can lay my own head down at night and fall so fast asleep is all just because.. this time was different for me. I had no contact, I educated myself, I had enough, I did right, I took a stand this time not just for myself but for my only son as well. Just because this time I did not and will not return back to one place I once called home and have raised my small child in. It is a blessing in itself how quiet, loving and patient my life and my son’s life are now. My past has been a long drawn out painful & hurtful one of all sorts but I am entirely grateful that it has opened my eyes to the world in a whole new light. Your writing is also a true whole heartedly honest reminder for me of my past that ill forever keep with me. I will overcome it all, maybe not today but one day at a time. This time I am more determined then I have ever been before. Its like an awakening and an escape I’ve never saw coming but always dreamt of. I will keep your writing in close hands for my times of weakness since he will forever be in my life bc of our child together. I will reread this many times I’m sure of it and will remind myself that I am doing the right thing and need to keep looking forward towards a brighter future not my hidden darkened past that is at times still haunting me. Again, thank you for sharing this it has made me feel like I can be an even stronger woman and mother. It also made me feel understood since a lot of the time I feel misunderstood or like no one else knows what I really feel like or been through bc it is and was the hardest thing for me to even put together and really grasp since there were so many different dynamics of it all and sometimes to much for me to relive and talk about. It really is a sad situation for all of us that is or has went through this. Something that I think needs more attention, more awareness and should be brought to light more because I can only imagine how many other people are still living feeling stuck, scared, ALONE and as ashamed as I was and unwilling to talk about it with anyone else fearing it was myself, or just convinced I deserved it. We don’t play victim, we are the victim! I wish they would talk and she’d light on abuse more often. Maybe then some ppl would be more educated on it and would know the signs and what to really look for. After so long of being abused you really can not make an accurate thought, it starts to become okay and then the normal even if it wasn’t. Had I been aware or even knew more about emotional abuse and narcissism maybe I could have stopped myself from being tormented and belittled for the past 6 years of my life. Hopefully in the years to come there will be more light shed on abuse and those two topics exspecially. The word needs to get out there more of what it is and like to live it. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Very meaningful to me. You’ve inspired me! Thank you, again.

    1. I too can’t put into words how your story is exactly the life I’m living this very moment. As I sit in LOUD silence, Thank God it’s started to rain. Take that roar of the silence outta my head for just a little while please! My only other escape is my music. Just February last year after almost 8 years of marriage I learned or I should say, It was the beginning of my journey of learning this whole new person; that for the past 6 1/2 years was my amazing, kind, just outstanding man. To now this down right inhuman person he’s become. This is why I’m so confused. My husband was never not one sign of narcissistic in any way, shape or form. And from the bottom of my heart. Pls trust that I’m not giving him not one tiny lil bit of credit!!! He deserves nothing!! When meth came into the picture I started to see a slight change in him but just shrugged it off. About 5 months into us both at the time 2017 smoking that trash. He called me outta my name for the 1st time in 6 1/2 years. I knew I was done with it. Just wish I would’ve been aware of narcissism. By the time it popped up on my Pinterest page, I’d already lost myself. I have always had a rough go at life. Always being victimized even from early as age 6/7 so I just thought it was just gonna be another one of those beat me down physically relationships. Not meaning for that to sound like I’m oking it by all means. Just meant like whoop-py here we go again. Boy was I wrong. As I’m laying here barricaded in my room, thanking God for the sound of the rain pouring down. Can feel and see my heart pounding so hard, it’s literally moving my body. What’s left of me. I’ve lost over 30 pounds and 22” of my hair melted like cotton candy off my head when I showered. I was surpassed my limit of knowledgeable decisions on my own. March 21st 2018 was the 1st time I’d ever had a nervous breakdown. I kept myself locked in my room for 4 days until I finally gave in and called my mom. She’s all I have left. I mean I’ve got my kids boy 27 girl 25 but I don’t wanna burden my kids anymore because of my sorry choices in men. They’d seen and heard enough in their lives already until almost 9 years ago. They too thought I’d finally found a good man. Job, home, his own car. Just everything I’d ever wanted and had never had in them so called past relationships. Oh no it just stopped raining here comes the huge butterflies in my stomach and the silent roar in my head. Jesus why me? I’d give the shirt off my back to a stranger. I don’t understand what I’ve done so wrong in my life to treated like someone’s punching bag 🙁 can I pls finish this later? I’m absolutely exhausted. He’s high as a kite and while he’s content. I need sleep. I’m sorry if I bored ya to death. So much more I really need to talk about If I may please. And you vice versa kk. I’m dosing off now. My body is worn. I need your HELP I have taken a stand and I hope I get a chance to share it with you and hopefully you can come a part of it too. It’s all through music. God bless. Ttys?

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