Inside my suit of professional poise and control I hug my naked insecurity

Inside my suit of professional poise and control I hug my naked insecurity
Mississippi Writer Laurie Parker

Inside my suit
of professional poise and control
I hug my naked insecurity.
The real me huddles.. and wonders:
“Do they see?”

Rinku Shah

Just like trees in fall
Leaves change colour and drop on the floor.
When the time is right trees dare to bare!
Everyone has an untold story.
Demons behind closed doors,
Release and let go!
With faith and courage,
Bring forth the treasures…
People aren’t always
as they first seem!

Linda Karriann Sagittarius

I Stand Tall in diversity
but while I’m inside
I’m shivering from adversity

Karthik Parthasarathy

Inside of an extremely confident person,
Could be a broken down naked soul,
Yearning for help and support.
Appearances could be deceptive,
Need to be more receptive.
Tune in your senses to reach beyond,
the exterior mask into the inner core.
At times, that’s the best we could do,
For someone in need of help and support.

Rinku Shah

And finally, I decided not to hide
Tired of pretending, suffocating myself
a crumbling mess!
Revealed myself to the world
Living, breathing, emerging from the darkness
I’m no less!
Real living is in unhiding
not suffering in silence!

Lynn Stromley Stadheim

On the outside I look fine,
but really I am not.

Ramya Raghuraman

The person that you see is not the real me ;
I am shrunk inside my own womb
And every day I win over
my inner fears like a cocoon.

Anindya J Ganguly

Hiding behind a cladded cape
I hide my fears in a closet of chaos
Chirping behind a grill of noise
I pretend to be sane, but I am not.

Shruti Ramesh

Every character is built from fragility,
Every strength is built from humility.
And every mask is built from inferiority.

Ann Doherty

When the image you portray to the world
has sucked the soul out of you
it is time to rethink things
and find a way to nourish your soul
and live who you really are

Debra Pry

Courage is facing the fear
that’s hidden deep inside your soul.

Anna Marie Brown

Never judge a person by their cover.
You never know what they suffer

Jaimie Mazzone

Self-confinement at its finest.
Break free from the prison
you have created.
You were born to fly!

Mai Quesada

Insecurities are often camouflaged
by good appearance!

Jan Kevin Guiron Antones

Pain demands to be felt,
don’t hide from it.

Francis Lumumba

The outside does not reflect
what is inside.

Angela Brooks Bartelotte

I am exposing
my vulnerable self to you
because I trust you.

Shibatosh Kar

He is in his best attire,
To hide his insecurities,
And worst fears.

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