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INFJ Personality: Less Than 1% Of The World’s Population Falls Into This Category

INFJ Personality

INF personality Less than 1% of the world’s population into this category.

•An old soul who some would say is outside his/her era
•Never satisfied with oneself: always striving to be better and do better
•Can be extroverted but only a facade. only because they love to study people
•Addicted to finding something new, rarely satisfied with the mundane or routine
•An ernes.: can be confused as psychic or overly intuitive. knows things about people that no one else can see or know, sometimes not even the person themselves.
•Prefers to be alone 75% of their lives: gains strength from solitude
•Feels other people’s emotions so strong they can feel the effects themselves, even physically; known to have intuitions when family or friends are sick or hurt
•If overly stressed or depressed. can and will become physically ill with strong symptoms
•Feels their purpose in life is to help others and help others help themselves
•Wants attention but doesn’t want to be in the spotlight whatsoever
•Tends to be very artistic and creative: has a vivid dreamlife, spontaneous and sensual: vet,’ sexual in private but respectful and dignified in public. even shy: leaves the impression of two personalities or split personality to those close to INFJ
•Can have a very bad temper and say inappropriate things. only to quickly forget what they said in a moment of anger, easily forgets and forgives
•Constantly seeking a deeper meaning for life and relationships
•Extremely hard to understand and get to know on a personal level; can be secretive and mysterious. sometimes for an entire lifetime
•Can get bored easily with people they find shallow or uninteresting
•Strengths; Creative, Decisive. Intelligent. Passionate. Altruistic. Empathetic
•Weaknesses: Mysterious, Perfectionist. Over•commits, Stubborn. Sensitive
•Has intense memory of scents. sounds/music, feelings, what a person was wearing, etc, to the point, that it can be overwhelming or uncomfortable for others; this is why INFJs are sometimes secretive about what they remember or know of others. as they are ashamed of their “girl’
•Has an -on/off switch: no in•between, either utterly obsessed with Something or completely indifferent; this is true for both objects and people. The opposite of love iS rat hate, but indifference.
•INFJs are the We definition of paradox: a contradiction of oneself; also explaining why he/she is so rare (hates attention but needs attention 24/7, hates physical contact but needs physical contact, prefers to he alone but needs social interactions to survive); a true contradictory individual.

Cheryl Payne

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