How to Infidelity-Proof Your Marriage To Keep it Healthy and Strong

Infidelity Proof Marriage Keep Healthy

If you want to infidelity proof your marriage, make sure that you never assume ANYTHING in your relationship. Don’t assume that your person knows you love them – tell them! Don’t assume that your person doesn’t want to spend time with you or is okay with you disappearing every Sunday morning. Don’t assume that your person will just take whatever you dish out and be there for you when you need them.

When you are done with this article, go find your person and kiss them, make plans for a hike in the morning, and thank them for taking out the garbage. It could change everything for you.

4. Be honest. Always.

Has anyone ever said to you ‘I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to hurt you?’ Or perhaps ‘I didn’t tell you because it didn’t seem important?’ Or even ‘I didn’t tell you for your own good?’

All of these things are examples of LIES – sometimes, lies with good intentions, but lies nonetheless.

It is essential that to infidelity-proof your marriage, you always be honest with your partner about everything– everything.

If you go out with an old beau for dinner, be honest with your person and tell them. If you put a dent in the car, don’t blame it on someone else. If you don’t like broccoli, don’t pretend that you do. If Sundays at his mother’s are too much for you, don’t pretend they aren’t.

When you don’t tell the truth to your spouse, you automatically put up a wall between the two of you. You have something that you aren’t sharing with your partner and that will only create some distance between the two of you. And when there is a distance, distrust often follows. And a lack of trust, as we know, can kill a relationship.

So, NEVER lie to your spouse. Even for ‘their own good’.

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5. Get physical.

This last way to infidelity-proof your marriage is a fun one. Getting physical.

Getting physical, in many forms, is the glue that can hold a relationship together. When touch stops, marriages can founder.

While I do include sex when I talk about getting physical, what I really mean is the everyday little things. The pat on the butt when walking through the kitchen, the kiss before leaving in the morning, holding hands on a walk, spooning at bedtime. All of these wonderful things count as touching.

What happens when we touch someone is profound. While our intellects are always processing our interpersonal interactions, touch is something primal, something that affects our emotions in a way that our brains cannot.

They say that a 10-second hug every day can help a relationship in profound ways. Hugs make the body produce ‘oxytocin,’ a feel-good chemical. Hugs make us feel safe and secure. Hugs say a lot without words. Hugs mend in a way that words can’t always do.

So, make an effort to keep your hands on your partner. Of course, not all the time, but as often as is right for both of you. The non-verbal communication that happens with touch can infidelity-proof your marriage in a way that more intellectual efforts cannot.

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Knowing ahead of time how to infidelity proof your marriage is an excellent way of setting it up for success.

Much like learning how to drive a car or be successful at work, knowing the rules around marriage can keep yours healthy and strong.

So, make an effort to talk to your person, open and honestly, to never make assumptions, to work to maintain trust on both sides, to always tell the truth, and to use the non-verbal communication of touch to let your partner know how you feel.

Love is grand. If you have found that special someone to love forever, do what you need to do to keep your marriage infidelity-proof and live happily ever after.

You can do it! I know you can!

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