The Word Was INDULGE

Our Favorite Submissions :

By Sulekha Pande 

Don’t wait up for me, I will be late, he said as he picked his briefcase and walked out of the living room.
She shot him an angry glance, but by then he’d already started the car and shot out of the driveway within seconds.

Hurt and angry at this change in him, she reminisced.
She was a beautiful heiress, he was looking for his next meal ticket.

He gradually got entry to her outer circle, then her inner one and got an introduction.
Within a month he’d asked her out and from thereon, there was no looking back.
She was besotted by his phoney charm, fake knowledge and his subservient attitude won her over, he treated her like a queen, albeit with her own money, but she didn’t mind.

She was in love with him.
He’d already told her he was a country boy, with no-one to call his own, she was totally convinced that only she could make him happy.
He father was outraged at first.
She’d walked out and married him.
The father soon relented and he joined the business soon after.
He’d razed his booming business into the ground and started having multiple affairs.

She felt guilty all the time, guilty, angry and defensive.
That night as he came back from a soirée, sozzled to the gills, she went to his room.
Her latest purchase, a .99 magnum in her hands.
She placed the silencer, went ahead and shot him point blank.
He didn’t even stir.
She studiously cleaned the revolver, checked all the angles and placed the gun in his left palm.
He was left-handed.
She went to the washroom, washed clean.
And drove off to freedom.
Don’t indulge yourself henceforth, she told herself.
She was never heard of after that.
The police closed the case as a suicide…

By Aparajita Dutta

The fire-crackers thundered across her room invading her solitude. Times like these leave her to choose minute seconds for her own self and in absence of a magical mirror that could trace her trajectory from those days where the light was nothing but a mirage to the present where she was making lights herself, Devi looked for a little bit of self-indulgence.
The darkness gave her freedom, like glow-worms playing happily when the night lives and the moonshine in her pellucid clouds; no glaring of lights, no burning of dreams.

Is this moment worth to indulge?

Devi looked at herself.
Her daughter was busy playing outside with her friends. She never kept her husband’s picture in the small room where they lived. She smiled and felt her heaving bosoms.

All these years, she has forgotten how they felt. All these years weaving the rays of light herself, she has forgotten how her body felt when it burnt, how her body shivered when it burnt when swirls of desire ignited life in those nerves who only worked alone slipping every moment on the oily road of poverty.

Her hands moved across the hooks of her blouse. She picked up a book from the cupboard.
Her fingers moved across the alphabet.
She pressed her lips.
She felt her nipples after more than a decade,
‘The lanterns you make are so creative, so artistic. I will teach you some basic English. Then you can join my organization as the creative head.’
What it feels to be like a woman again?
Yes, she decided to indulge… indulge in her womanhood, in her desires, in her dreams.

The letters were just a beginning.

By Janaki Maya


Where is the world that I grew up?
Why is everyone in a hurry?
Why can’t I find a familiar face in the crowd?
Where is the happiness if fighting with friends?
Where is my mom’s food?
Where are my school friends?
How and When did it change?
When did my body get old?
Where is my perky breast? And hour Glass hips?.. how did time fly?.
When did I get gray hairs?… Why my heart still wants to sing and dance in the rain???.. Am I young? Or Am I old?. Do I want to indulge in my life as young?

I don’t want to go back, I want the present as past, so I can indulge in the luxury if being same. Can I?

By Erick Maulana


First He created the effective functional robots., he calls them “Angel”

Then He created an upgrade version robots with more advanced AI fuzzy logic, he calls them “Devil”

Then He created simple stupid robots, he calls them “Humans”.
The Humans makes many random mistakes but continuing learning, passing information’s and knowledge are to their next generations. The Humans are competing and fighting each other’s but keep getting more advanced.

Humans are the scariest but also most fascinated and surprising He ever created. Human is the most indulged one.

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