Indigo Soul

I wanna be an island

Visible yet far

Cloistered and enigmatic

A sailor’s visionFortress from storm

I am an Island.

I wanna be the river

Royal yet ferocious

Erratic and detached

Quench the thirst one a soul

Drink the wisdom the world has shown

I am the river.

I wanna be the fire

Destructive yet luminous

Brilliant and glorious

Gripping the mighty weapon

Igniting the passion aflame

I am the fire.

I wanna be the wind.

Dewy yet tranquil

Harmonic and eurythmic

Breather from monotony

Slayer of perplexity

I am the wind.

I wanna be the elements

Deep-rooted and essential

An instrument and channel

The credo, doctrine and symbol

I am. 

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