Indigo Relationships: Things You Need To Know

Indigo Relationships Things You Need To KnowIndigo Relationships Things You Need To Know

Magic happens when two people become one … heart….one soul…and if you know how to command and conduct orgone energy, (the power of the Orgasm…..the power of life itself) you can change your reality and the matrix of the entire hologram!

Orgone energy laced with Divine Love is THE MOST POWERFUL ENERGY/FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE! It is the power to create ANYTHING and also can be used for destruction!

The Powers That we know this, and THAT is one of the main reasons you have been kept so isolated and so disconnected from those from the Realm that you love.

If your “soul mates” from the Realm came into your life, and you started practicing Creation and Re-Creation through Tantra…..this world would be a different movie! We would change the social structure, extinguish the tyrants, and bring balance, peace and life force back to the earth and let Justice and Karma reign once more. Then we would head off to the cosmic Bahamas for some R&R before going back to the Realm for our next assignment.

So, my suggestion is to hang in there, see this problem for what it REALLY is, do some of your own meditation and research, connect with other FW-Indigos, and don’t let the energies consume you…no matter who, what or where they are coming from! I have found for me that connecting to my spirit guides and guardians from the Realm has been extremely beneficial and many times I have even felt their arms around me…just holding me…..and sometimes I cry. This has been a very profound experience indeed, and it has helped me through some of these tremendously lonely times.

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Also, (and this is extremely important)…use this “solitude time” to get “cleaned-up and cleared-up” as much as you can if you have been “messed-up”…(hahahaha and what FW-Indigo hasn’t?!)

You want to be at your best physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychically for when one of your “beloveds” comes into your life. Get as many of your implants cleared out as you can and make sure that you are not going to be a “donor” of Kundalini Dumping! (Not a good way to start a companionship/partnership!)

Understand that we are also very much aware of the different agendas that are in motion on a cosmic scale right now and why FW-Indigos are so intertwined in it all.

We are also aware of why the energies are intensifying and why Indigos are being targeted….. and are working 24-7 to find all the sources and get it handled. If any of you have some psychic hits on things that we might need to look at …..we are always welcoming your input. We also welcome any assistance you can render.

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May we all find the Love and Cosmic Romantic Relationships we so richly deserve, and may we shake the cosmos with the passionate orgone energy that will permanently change this reality, and bring Honor, Truth, Love, Passion, and Prosperity to us all.

How was your experience with indigo relationships? Leave a comment below.

by Lady Mistycah

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Indigo Relationships
Indigo Relationships
Indigo Relationships – Things You Need To Know

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