8 Signs Someone Is Incapable Of Love

Signs Someone Is Incapable Of Love

5. They never fight for others.

People who are incapable of loving others tend to be very self-obsessed and narcissistic by nature. They only fight for themselves and the things that benefit them. Selflessness is something they do not understand, and you will never see them do anything purely out of the goodness of their hearts. Even if they do something good for someone else, chances are they will have an ulterior motive and hidden agenda behind that.

If they are in a relationship with someone, they never hesitate to break up if they feel that it is not serving them any kind of purpose. The concepts of compromise and sacrifice are nothing less than foreign to them. They only care about themselves and their needs, but never anyone else’s

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6. They don’t show any personal growth.

In order to be better human beings and better partners, personal growth is important. Being stagnant in only one place emotionally and mentally, never helps. Yet that is exactly what such people do. They will never try to understand what the other person is feeling or saying, and will always have an i-don’t-care attitude towards them. They are just not interested in being better human beings and always have stunted emotional intelligence and growth.

In order to love someone the right way, it is important to be a better person. It is important to understand that self-improvement and self-growth is a continuous process, and also a necessary one. But if someone doesn’t believe in this, they will always be incapable of loving others and will keep on hurting them, in the process of satisfying their humongous ego.

people who are incapable of loving
8 Signs Someone Is Incapable Of Love

7. They are very inflexible.

Being close-minded and inflexible in their ways is like second nature to people who don’t have the capacity to love others. They are always dead-set in their ways and refuse to change their bad habits, no matter what you do or say to them. Such people are extremely toxic, who only expect others to understand them and adjust with them. And the worst part is, they know how much their actions affect you and hurt you, but they keep on doing the same things over and over again because they simply don’t care.

No matter how much you try to convince them, counsel them or make them understand what they are doing is wrong, they will refuse to budge from their opinions, and nor will they change their actions. They will be very stubborn when it comes to holding on to their toxic beliefs, and will rather ask you to change your thinking and behavior, to accommodate theirs.

8. They always shut you out.

People who find it hard to love others, tend to emotionally withdraw a lot too. This is because they find it very hard and emotionally consuming to talk about their true feelings, and almost always expect their partners to silently understand them. Not this is a challenge, right, and a major one at that? Nobody is a mind reader, but somehow they always expect their loved ones to correctly gauge their true feelings.

This leads to a lot of miscommunication and confusion, where you don’t have an idea about what they are thinking, or what their expectations are from you. You might think that everything is okay between the two of you, but in reality, they are just pushing you further away from them, and before you know it, the relationship is over for good.

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If you are in a relationship with someone, who is incapable of loving you, then you might know all these things, because you have encountered these signs firsthand. Being with a person like this might be one of the most difficult things you will ever do in your life, but at the end of the day, it is up to you to decide what works best for you, your happiness, and your mental health.

You can either wait for them to change or you can leave the relationship to take better care of yourself, and give yourself a true chance at finding happiness.

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8 Signs Someone Is Incapable Of Love
8 Signs Someone Is Incapable Of Love
8 Signs Someone Is Incapable Of Love
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