In the mist of night

In the mist of night
The birds fly and ants row
High in the sky
Deep to their burrow.
And life caves all who are alive.
The golden sun, the days that thrive
To seek it’s light,
To sell the bright.
Future of mortals
Be the future of their morals.
And past be the beacon of ideas.
Days be the now,
The bright rift laden with corals.
I seek, beseeching the sun, the truth of my forefathers
In the mist of night.
And the moon may guide my way
For things remain hidden by the sight.
I wish the warmth, I wish the green light
The flying parrots, painting my sky.
Darkness laden with green
Purple being the night’s dye.
I see her, my goddess Aphrodite
Guide me, my mother in the torch of  sun
Through the grim of night.
And I shall fly now beyond my flight.
Holding the hand of my one true love.
The collision of grey and white.

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