In The Mind of an Abuser: “I Have The Right To Punish You”.

In the Mind of an Abuser “I have the right to punish you”.


6. Your Path to Freedom

Having decided that you are unwilling to tolerate his tyrannical attitude anymore, the only way to escape his control is to go No Contact.

The first few months after going No Contact with my abuser, I was actually surprised to find myself living in peace. I was no longer walking on eggshells all day trying to avoid another explosion of rage. I was free to do what I wanted without having to constantly obey his every wish. No longer was I spending my days apologizing to an angry tyrant not even knowing what for. Nobody screamed at me. Nobody insulted me. I had nothing to be afraid of.

It will take some time to start emerging from the fog that his abuse and manipulation have caused. Realizing what you have been dealing with, and that no matter how much you bent over backward to try to please him, it was never going to be enough, will be your greatest leap toward freedom.


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In the Mind of an Abuser “I have the right to punish you”.

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