In Pursuit Of Happiness

In pursuit of happiness

I have always searched for peace, happiness, love, friendship
but always ended up being in misery, and
here is what I learned one thing in pursuit of happiness:  

Remember two things in life:

  • A. You’re worthy and you’re loved
  • B. Never forget the first one  

Life ends when faith ends.

Have faith in yourself, love yourself for you’re unique. A be proud of that.
Make your uniqueness your quality but always remember for good only.
Be different but be good. Be kind. Kindness is priceless.  

Have the courage to ask questions and leave no doubts eats you alive.
Make yourself your bestie and be your favorite company
but also remember not to oversee others.  

Love is seeking yourself and finding beauty everywhere.
It’s not just related to only some particulars.  

Have patience.
For it takes time to happen something good and bad will surely pass away.
As it’s the balance of both. And he’s planning something far better for you.  

Don’t wait for the doors to open.
Make your own door and lay your path, for he who sent you here is always guiding you.  

Let things go.
For life never stops.
Live with it and live it
but never leave it

– Shobhna Kanwar

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