In The Hour Of Need Or Sorrow

In The Hour Of Need Or Sorrow

Note to Self:
In the hour of need or sorrow, we experience either of the two emotions; sympathy and empathy. Being sympathetic demands us to be mournful and show our pity towards the situation while being empathetic, demands us to understand and identify the emotional state. Whenever you, yourself experience fear, are unable to compete, feel miserable, stressed out ,depressive and even on the edge of giving up, don’t forget to be empathetic towards your own situation. Don’t forget to understand that you need space. Don’t forget to identify the difference between being lonely and wanting to spend time in solitude. Don’t forget to smile with the jaw dropping shimmer and giggle with bright eyes. Don’t forget that underneath the situational dust lies the beauty of the possession. Don’t forget to figure out that loving yourself is the same as loving the humanity. Don’t forget that your soul needs an admirer, an empathic listener, a friend’s shoulder to lean on, a hand to sustain and protect him from drowning, a shade for him in vicious sunsets and umbrella in the destructive thunderstorms, a warm blanket in the cold, December nights and the kind of romantic winds in the hot, summer days. Don’t forget to explore the unscathed places in your kingdom of SELF. Don’t forget that even in the midst of the heavy ocean, there could be someone who can save you from plummeting and that someone is YOU.

Asma Rashid
Instagram : Decipherable Writings

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