Can anyone else relate too ?

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  1. I don't believe speaking ones truth is necessarily a fault or a bad thing. I believe that it's simply working through the positive changes that are going on in my mind verbally. this is my way of soundly grounding myself on the path that I'm preparing to take. Change is scary and rather then internalizing those fears and multiplying them, I work through my doubts by discussing my experiences with those who can relate or offer support in the form of sharing their own stories. I learn from other people and I hope they learn from my mistakes. What I have to say is not geared towards hurting anyone in any way or engaging in gossiping or trash talking. They are simply my experiences and thoughts. There will always be people who don't understand this process and will judge harshly. What I do and say, I do only for myself in order to help myself grow. People will think what they want to think even if I chose to isolate from society completely and not interact with anyone. This way, some may understand my path and challenges but ultimately, it doesn't matter what others think. I need to do whatever I need to in order to become a better me. This includes writing and speaking my truth. It's not my business if others like that or not but I appreciate the support of those who offer their compassion and understanding.