In Memory Of My Beloved Krystle

Krystle was a God-send

From Heaven up above

She found her way into my heart

I showered her with love

She looked at me with huge brown eyes

A face you just adore

To gain attention for a hug

She’d lift her little paw

She loved her Teddy biscuits

Her blanky and her ball

She loved a scratch behind the ear

She really had it all

She loved to go for “tata’s”

With me in the car

With head outside the window

As we traveled wide and far

When you mentioned “Walkies!”

She’d really go quite mad

When she was good, she was excellent

But when not, was bad

But one look at her pretty face

So innocent and cute

Who would think her capable

Of being a rotten little brute

I’m sure she thought she was human

She really was so smart

She had this way of knowing

Exactly how to steal your heart

I love my little Krystle

She was just the cutest thing

I love her oh so much

She made me laugh, dance and sing

Krystle was my bestest friend

For over 16 years

But then I had to let her go

Though my heart broke through my tears

My darling Krystle now resides

With our Lord up above

I miss her sweet companionship

Her unconditional love

So if you want a puppy dog

Please do not forget

Choose a dog like Krystle

Guaranteed, you won’t regret

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