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A pale mauve evening the destiny decided two souls to be met. Her name was not known, but she introduced herself as Enchantress. She was an irresistibly charming woman and her thoughts whispered in everyone’s ears, like a refreshing summer breeze on a sunny day. Her energy could hug everyone, without even touching them. But a melancholy could be understood by those who knew.

Everyone around her avoided looking at her eyes. Because her eyes were like a mirror of themselves. To them, she was the reflection of their forgotten hopes and dreams. She was what they will never be.

Fragile but kind.

Kind. She was there to support anyone who needed her in the community. She had empathy. Because she cared. So charismatic, independent and ambitious… You could tell that she is from the ones that could make a difference, only by smiling.

Fragile. Because she has suffered much in her life. She lived a life of pain and disappointment. Because of her expectations. Because the others’ eyes were made by cold ice. And her warmth heart could not adapt in freezing winter. She is one of those who can see the good in people.

And then, they destroyed her

She told me to speak about lost loves. I told her that the hardships in my life taught me to speak about the painful things with happiness. Because, these words, are words of courage. So, I told her why it’s worthy to live a love.

Because, Enchantress, to live means to love. And love means to take risks. To sacrifice. To enjoy and to offer unconditionally.
And then she asked me with tears in her eyes and a melancholic voice, how will she understand if she loves someone and if it worth to keep fighting. If the small moments of happiness, worth a thousand of contradictory emotions. And I replied that.. she will understand…

When your priority would be the other’s happiness and not yours. When you would stop to worry about protection and hurting. When you will smile more than you cry. Because love is all about giving
Enchantress was one of the souls that you want to meet. Her kind nature in combination with her fragile heart makes her unique. She is of the people that care more than they should. And they hurt more than anyone can imagine.

Enchantress, and every Enchantress of this world,

if you ever read this remember that

you deserve to be loved

and when we stop taking risks, we stop living life…

By Ntina Paitaridou

Printed with permission

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