In attempts of saving others, don’t lose yourself

In attempts of saving others, don't lose yourself


In attempts of saving others,
don’t lose yourself


Noor Fatima


People are more inclined 
to destroy their life saviour
who never even bother 
to step forward in their favour,
The moment they are saved, 
they forget their haven,
And show their true colors
 like a chameleon! 


The one with knife,
Knows about life.
But as the other tries 
to push the stool,
The saviour 
becomes the fool. 
Priyanka Tripathi


Take care of yourself before others!
If they aren’t ready, 
you will end up getting 
more hurt than ever!
Sherry Greene


One must first save oneself
To have the ability
To save others


Rinku Shah


Stay alert
Get hurt!


Jackie De Klerk


Helping someone else
may be your downfall


Amal Jaradat


Don’t lose yourself
trying to save the devil


Debra Pry


You need to save yourself first,
before you can save anyone else.

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