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5 Ways Gratitude Improves Our Mental Health

Ways Gratitude Improves Our Mental Health

4. It helps us feel inspired, which can help with motivation.

Feeling inspired often can motivate us to learn, grow, change, improve, or adapt to difficult challenges and circumstances. Gratefulness has the ability to help us feel inspired, in turn, promoting such positive behaviors and adaptations. While the neuroscientific evidence is not as abundantly clear, it is true that gratitude’s ability to inspire and motivate, leading to positive behaviors and adaptations, are key parts to leading a successful life rich with well-being.

5. It prevents worry and frustration.

By allowing us to focus on what’s good in the present, gratefulness helps to prevent worry about the future. Frustration can dissipate as well. With the help of it, we get less caught up with what a person says or does as much but want to focus on the next good thing to help us move forward.

It’s kind of like always wanting to catch the next great wave like a surfer. Much stress and frustration cause routine feelings of anxiety, sadness, and depression, and if truly applied and worked on, gratefulness can help mitigate such feelings.

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The abundance of good from gratefulness fuels an abundance of good in return. Of course, finding our passions, practicing self-care, exercising, genuinely expressing ourselves when possible, building strong relationships, eating well, and more are part of a fulfilling life recipe; however, gratitude is often where a successful life starts. The positive impact of being grateful on our mental health is undeniable. Hopefully, you’ve got a gratitude routine down pat.

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Written by: Ms. Najma Khorrami, M.P.H.
Originally appeared on: Psychology Today
Republished with permission  
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5 Ways Gratitude Improves Our Mental Health
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Ms. Najma Khorrami, M.P.H.

Ms. Najma Khorrami, M.P.H., is a global and public health professional. She received a Master of Public Health in Health Policy from The George Washington University, a Global Health Certificate from The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and is published in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics and the Journal of Perinatology. She is an NASM Personal Fitness Trainer. Ms. Khorrami is also the Founder at Gratitude Circle, a social media empowerment app and platform dedicated to gratitude and positivity.View Author posts