Immune System of Personality


Immune System of Personality! Does this sound a new kind of wave hitting shoreline of your heart? Yes, it is!


We all have done a lot of reading on Immune System of Health. Which comes from parents, then followed by lifestyle we live in, our habits of eating and living style etc. which helps to improve or decrease the immunity of personality. I am not going to talk about the immunity of our health rather will talk about psychological aspects on the Immune System of Personality!


Why siblings born from same parents have different sympathy, empathy, trust, respect and understanding towards different chapters of their lives? The answer to this question lies in the fact that every human being has an another Immune System working in them and developing their personality. This is what makes every human different even if they are born from same parents or staying in the same society.


Like you eat a fruit and it gives you vitamins and minerals which boost your immune system. Similarly, each act in life moves you forward and gives you something useful. When anything happens in our life, good or bad, give us experience, learnings that make us a human we are with all kind of feelings, emotions etc. This is how your Immune System of Personality gets developed.

I will give six golden rules for improving and saving Immune System of your dying Personality.

  • Rule #1 – Invest in healthy relations:

    If one is hyper the second needs to be controlled. You can not be both keys or both locks for a problem to be resolved. How can you expect to open a lock if both become keys or locks?

  • Rule #2 – Get Rid of Compromises:

    Yes, do not compromise like we use antibiotics for seasonal problems as they kill good bacterias too and lower your immune system in long run. This will dilute your personality. Eventually, whenever we feel dis-comfortable in our life anywhere, we compromise as we never wish to come out of our comfort zone. Kindly leave this bad habit.


  • Rule #3 – Shift your focus in life:

    If you see road not going anywhere you are going onto, then please turn to another way. There is no use of going in a direction which you are not clear about. Stop wasting time and waiting for results from unborn inputs. Try different paths, not all are equal.

  • Rule #4 – Stop Demotivating yourself:

    Yes, you do that On and Off. Just to please others you accept, take antibiotics (compromises) and then you get happy for a moment. But for a long run, this is not healthy. Do what makes you happy not what others want you to do to make them happy. Can you?


  • Rule #5 – Unbox Yourself:

    Till the time we will keep thinking inside the box, life will look like a routine. The day we start exploring new things we fear of, we will start getting a new life, new experience. Which will help boost our immune system of personality, so go for it, be a Butterfly from a caterpillar.


  • Rule #6 – Let GO:

    Yes, Let Go, don’t hold on the feelings, emotion which is of no use and keep demotivating you. Give space to new thoughts, new feelings, give space to yourself and do not spill with unwanted emotions. You should be a Cup Full of Life – Be a Green Tea to yourself first, improve your immune system of personality.


Written by – Ravinder Virdi

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Written by Ravinder Virdi

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