I’m Sorry for Being Crazy Even Though You Treated Me Like Shit

Sorry for Being Crazy Treated Me Like Shit

“Butterflies were small and light. And very magic sensitive. For some reason I made them feel safe and they gravitated to me like iron shavings to a magnet. They ruined my ferocious badass image, but you would have to be a complete beast to swat butterflies.”
Ilona Andrews

Today, I chide myself silently for having hoped that someday, you will understand why I behaved the way I did all those times. I’m sorry for expecting a sorry from you on so many occasions. I’m sorry for thinking that someday, you’ll love my imperfections.

Undoubtedly, I act the craziest when I crave for some respect from you! I reiterate, I am sorry, for being crazy and needy.

Do you recollect the time I brought up the issue of your behavior affecting me badly and hampering my confidence? I am aware that it was very absurd for me to even have such a discussion with you. It was the right thing you did by ignoring everything I said. Because the fault lies in me, not you. I have been the ridiculous and unreasonable one all along! So, please continue shutting your eyes to my concerns.

I’m sorry for making you feel like you were walking on eggshells around me all the time! To put it simply, I’m just trying to apologize for each and every time my behavior was out of line. And I can only hope that the next time you treat me like your doormat, you’re able to feel what I go through.

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I’ve come to believe that it’s my fault for expecting respect, acceptance, and thoughtfulness from you. How could you show such sensitivity towards me? After all, I’m the one who is fundamentally flawed, moody and downright crazy!

It’s not your fault. I’m sorry for expecting a man who treats me like home. Even though I’m the one you could always rely on; the one who comforted you when you were upset; the one you came to when you craved intimacy.

The truth is, you know how much I loved you and took me for granted. But it’s my fault for expecting better treatment. So, I’m sorry.

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Lastly, sorry for saying sorry over and over again.

I’m Sorry I Was Being So Crazy While You Were Treating Me Like Shit
Sorry for Being Crazy Treated Me Like Shit Pin

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