I’m Lonely but I’m fine with it

Loneliness can be hard. It makes you think that you’ll be alone forever. Sometimes you get so used to it that you forget that there’s a life waiting for you to live it. Sometimes it’s safer than stepping out and getting hurt. 
But that’s not the good kind of loneliness, that’s the destructive kind. There’s a side of loneliness that can be empowering. A side of loneliness that can actually save you from toxic people and situations. There’s a side of loneliness you’ll only understand when you try to make loneliness a friend rather than an enemy. 
When loneliness is your friend, you’re not afraid of standing alone. You’re not afraid of taking the road less traveled and driving alone. You’ve already lived your worst nightmare, you’ve befriended your biggest fear. 
Because standing alone can also be so fulfilling, so empowering and so liberating. Knowing you don’t need anyone. Knowing you can survive on your own. Knowing you let people in because you want to not because you have to. 
Standing alone is better than standing with wrong people. Standing alone is better than changing who you are so you can please others. Standing alone is better than lying to yourself so you could just fit in. Because loneliness will always be a constant in your life even if you’re surrounded by people. 
You feel alone every time you’re misunderstood. You feel alone every time someone you love walks out of your life and abandon you. You feel alone when no one supports your dreams and ambitions in life. You feel alone when you know your heart is not in good condition.
So, instead of looking at it as an enemy , try to embrace it as a dear friend because it takes courage to stand alone and sometimes you find that courage when you’re not afraid of the dark. When you’re not afraid of walking alone. When you’re not afraid of leading the way. 
The beauty of learning to stand alone is that it makes you befriend loneliness, and when you learn how to befriend loneliness, you’ll learn how to befriend the world. You learn how to live and love others without losing yourself, and that is  the most important lesson you can ever learn. The ultimate test.  

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