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Im An Art

I’m an art, 

Sculptured with flaws of perfections,

The fabulous painting with different perceptions. 

I’m an art, 

Enigmatic like the maze leading to the treasure chest,

With Apollo’s melody and Terpsichore’s dance as my lifeline. 

I’m an art, 

Which only artists could read between the lines like poetry. 

-Isiaka Bushrah Olaitan


Bushrah Isiaka

I am a lover of solitude who greatly values being in tune with her inner voice. I love Art and everything attached to it. The comfort of nature does soothe my soul. And, well... Spirituality is of great importance to me. Writing is one of my best creative outlets and the ticket that binds me with my sanity. Be it creative writing, content writing, or copywriting, I am fully in. Anything relating to the mind has always been and will always be of interest to me. (Psychology in all its glory) I am a writer who wields the mightiest weapon- The Pen.View Author posts