Illusion Of Reality – Mind Talk

Illusion Of Reality - Mind Talk

The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion. – Albert Camus

What’s the most happiest moment of all than a baby being born? Yes a baby, an innocence filled with wonder- lost in it’s own self. But the sad part here is, that moment- the moment when the child’s eye opens for the first time and it sees the World in which it’s born and that it does not know, it’s born in bondage. It does not know that it’s born in a World that runs on Order, Authority, Rules  and is filled with slavery, servitude, subjugation, oppression, domination, exploitation, captivity, confinement and a thousand Restrictions – A Fake System! As the baby grows first, it has been ‘indoctrinated’, it has ‘no choice’ but to believe in a man made fiction called – RELIGION. The child is made to follow The Flow which every individual has to follow  if he or she wants to live a comfortable and a successful life according to them – The Society. This so called flow puts the child into a rat race. He goes through the System of education – school, college and then further on it makes the child choose a so called career and a job for a better standard of living, really? In our system a better standard of living is just an euphemism for the amount of money. The moment the term money or simply the ‘idea of money’ is put in the child’s head, his thought process changes tremendously. A piece of paper is made to be valued for something intangible and unreal. Just imagine, A world without Money! By the time he turns into a man, he has been so inured into this system. His mind follows only the beliefs and the orders which are created and inserted into the child’s head by the people and the institutions such as the Society, Church, Temple , Mosque, school, the company and the people whom the child lives with. Now, the man has become a slave to this system-  which is An Illusion Of Reality. He’s not living but merely existing. Well, there is a way to be unplugged from this system but only a few have achieved to do so. It is here, where the point of ‘Be Yourself’ comes. The Society tells us to be our self but when we do so it does not accept that. The person cannot be himself due to the restrictions of the authority and money itself. The Society is itself bought and paid for. The person is even restricted to move or go anywhere freely on the Planet. Ultimately for whom do we live? For ourselves or for the society?  If we live for ourselves then why do we need to follow all the things the system tells us from the moment we are born till the moment we die? We make decisions based on society’s influence. Let’s just consider a hypothetical situation. Take a moment now and think, that what if, we start becoming aware and fearless of the decisions we take and not bother about what the society thinks. In the end what matters most is to do things that we are passionate about without fearing the actions and the judgement of the society.  Unfortunately it’s too late for this to happen until and unless we start becoming aware and make the future generations not believe and getting inured into this fake system of existence. It’s time to get Unplugged.

The only option for us now is to find our true and original selves and to genuinely do what we always wanted deeply for ourselves without any fear

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