5 Steps To Ignore A Narcissist Who Tries To Hurt You

Ignore A Narcissist Who Tries To Hurt You

4) Life Has Our Back and Will Support Us If We Let It.

One of the greatest reasons why we can’t ignore the narcissist is because we think that letting go means we will be unsafe, undefended, and throttled by them.

Boy does this one take some work on our Inner Being – BIG time!

I know from my own personal experience, and as a result of helping many people in this Community heal from narcissistic abuse, one of the biggest hooks we have that keeps us going back for more is crisis consciousness.

It is that terror that things out of our control, especially when they become scary or threatening, are going to get us. That we will be hurt immensely. ripped apart and taken down.

These traumas come from feeling terrified and powerless as children if we were violated, but they are also more than that … they are literal human DNA epigenetic terrors that are wedged in so many human being’s DNA as a part of the inherited human experience.

Look at our human history – it’s brutal. So many of us carry terror, aspects of powerlessness, and abuse programs deeply entrenched within us.

A miracle starts to happen when we target that stuff and release it. All of a sudden we KNOW with every cell of our Being that we do have incredible power – dictated through the composition of our Inner Being.

When we are no longer riddled with fear and all of our cells vibrate with the knowing that we are loved and adored beyond measure simply because we exist (which is our organic state when we lose our programs and traumas of fear) then for the first time in our Life we feel SAFE.

And I mean truly safe, and we know that whatever it is that is inauthentic outside of us is not our reality and cannot affect us. So … I can’t recommend enough how important it is to work on these inner programs to be free of them.

ignoring a narcissist
5 Steps To Ignore A Narcissist Who Tries To Hurt You

5) It’s Only Important What You Think of You.

Narcissists get us triggered and enmeshed when we start focusing on all the terrible things they do. Such as the smear campaigns and abuse by proxy – the fabricating of lies and using methods to discredit us and render us powerless.

When we are shocked, devastated, and traumatized by the false allegations and terrible things being said and spread about us, as well as people turning away and against us in droves … then we are in trouble.

We feel like we can’t ignore what is happening to us. We want to defend, have a right of reply and discredit the person who is tearing our reputation to shreds, or maybe attempting to get us prosecuted.

I promise you this one – Step 5 – is incredibly connected to the essential inner work.

One of the biggest hooks that narcissists get us on, is our fear of authority and the terror of being persecuted.

These are two of the human frailties of powerlessness in our DNA caused by the terrible atrocities that have occurred in the human experience, and which have been passed on as trauma epigenetically within families down the line.

This painful belief wedged in our Inner Identity goes like this: If people think I’m bad or that what I have done is wrong, I will be hurt and could even die.

Is it any wonder that we are triggered into white-hot terror when we discover what has been said about us, or when legal authorities confront us as a result of the narcissist’s lies?

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