If Zodiac Signs Were In A Horror Movie Together

If Zodiac Signs Were in a Horror Movie

If They Were In A Horror Movie Together:

Aries: The one who tries to confront the killer but dies.

Taurus: The one who has all the supplies; weapons, food, etc.

Gemini: Sets the trap for catching the killer

Cancer: Is hiding upstairs with Pisces.

Leo: Guarding the room where Cancer and Pisces are.

Virgo: Tells everyone to keep calm and stick together.

Libra: Tries to diplomatically talk the killer out of murdering everyone.

Scorpio: Goes on a hunt for the killer for murdering Aries.

Sagittarius: Got bored in the beginning and left, but comes back in the aftermath.

Capricorn: The killer.

Aquarius: Disobeys Virgo’s rules for sticking together and keeping calm.

Pisces: Is hiding upstairs with Cancer.


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