If You’re Going To Be With Your Feelings So Rash

Rinku Shah

If you’re going to be
with your feelings
so rash,
Your heart will be treated
like trash!


Samuel Jones

She thought there'd be more of a life shared by two, then he tossed her, her clothes, that was missing a shoe. He said they were done, that she'd become a drag.. as she packed all her things, in a black plastic bag. Her tears began to fall, as the pain became great, unsure of the next moment, or direction of her fate. How worthless she felt, for the time spent for naught, the reasons she felt, that it was all her fault.


Debra Pry

No matter how much baggage
your heart has endured,
when the right one comes along
~it's worth it.


Buffy Irwin

Please don't suffocate your heart,
set it free, let it live as it is
meant to be!


Bidisha Sengupta

My heart once alive, resonated the love for you
the pain inflicted now made it numb,
in the black garbage bag, I have it dumped
the scattered pieces I no longer wish to gather,
to hear it beat I no longer bother.


Abby Su Ruiz

I handed you my heart
on a silver platter and you give it back
like just another piece of garbage


Jackie Zedalis

Handle with care.
The contents of this bag
are broken dreams,
lost loves, and high hopes.
It's weight is heavier
than it appears.


Sherry Greene

This black heart
So full of debris
It will never bleed
Discard the trash
You may become
Human again


Sulekha Pande

Dumped and discarded,
my heart,
like yesterday's trash.


Monika Ajay Kaul

For long
Your heart has been a rummage
of forsaken feelings.

Empty the clutter.
Breathe... Live..!!


Sunny Marie

My heart isn't yesterdays garbage.


Dana Trubajic

Discard the Emotion!

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