If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

Stimulate her thoughts, her emotions, her being. Dive into her soul as you’d dive into the cool of the ocean.

If she comes to believe that you need her rather than want her, it will completely wreck her. If she could be there for you selflessly, working through your frenzy, you could too. She is not your savior. You both are each others lesson and inspiration. She needs you, your care, your empathy as much as you need her love and attention.

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Selfishness should not make you blind to your own wrongdoings. Neglecting and ignoring her when she desperately needs you, can destroy her the most. This will just trigger her past experience of being abandoned by people who mattered the most.

She will complete you, fix you, without your awareness – just don’t make her an agent to fill the void inside of yourself. Just don’t give up on her.

As she starts to find comfort in your presence, she will gradually open up to you with her past experiences but she doesn’t demand to be fixed; the only thing she wants is for you to acknowledge her strength, the resilience that got her to what she is today.

Don’t treat her like a fragile, hapless woman. She is complete with all her pieces, even though they may still be scattered everywhere.

Accept her exactly the way she is; make her realize that you are the ‘better’ she always deserved.

If you love her, love her with all her flaws and insecurities. She is as imperfect as you are and she only hopes to share that imperfection with you. She wants to undress her soul in front of you and be utterly herself.

She wants to find her reflection in you – as crazy, as messed and as broken as she really is.

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If you love her, build her up because she will be doing the same for you. Know that whatever effort you put in, she will be putting in double her efforts. If you make her see her worth, she can conquer the world for you both.

She is a magnanimous powerhouse, ready to move mountains for you. You are the road to the journey to find herself and her love for you.

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