If You Don’t Love All Of Her, Let Her Go

If you don’t love her completely, let her go. If you’re happier when she isn’t around, let her go. If you’re more interested in talking to other girls, let her go.

If you think you’re doing her a favor by staying so you don’t break her heart, you’re wrong and an idiot.

Don’t think you’re doing her a favor by staying with her because I can promise you that’s not a favor. You’re not easing her pain by trying to act happy in a relationship you’re so desperately trying to get out of.

You’re not helping her by loving her out of guilt or obligation. You’re being selfish and she deserves better than that.I don’t care who she is if she’s being loyal and loves you with her whole heart, she deserves better than that.

If you don’t love the way she looks when she rolls out of bed in the morning, let her go. If you don’t love the way she is when she’s cranky and tired, let her go. If you don’t love her when she’s excited over the news she received over lunch, let her go. If you don’t love the way she flirts with you and tries to make you happy, let her go.Because she is every piece of that, every cranky, happy and sad moment, she is all over that. She is every imperfect and flawed part of her.

You can’t chose the pieces of her you love because she is all those tiny pieces made into one and if you don’t love her for those flawed piece, you have to let her go.

Making her hold on when you have every intention of letting go isn’t fair. It isn’t fair to her for you to keep stringing her along. You’re not saving her from a heartbreak, you’re not making her feel better by staying with her out of pity, you’re being selfish. All you’re really doing is stopping her for finding someone who really and truly loves every part of her.

Someone will love the way she cries at sad movies. Someone will love her when she’s had a tough day. Someone will love her when she’s overly excited and can’t control her happiness. Someone will love how she laughs like a fool when she’s in a good mood. Someone will love the way she sleeps and look at her like she’s his whole world.

No one is perfect, everyone has bad days and bad attitudes, but you have to love them through their rough parts. Everything isn’t going to be sunshine and rainbows, relationships are hard and they require constant work and love. If you can’t picture a future with her through the hard parts, let her go.

If you don’t love every part of her don’t stay with her out of guilt because you don’t want to break her heart.

The only thing that is truly worse than being alone is being with someone who makes you feel alone, and that’s what you’re doing to her.

You’re making her feel alone by not giving her love.

I’m not saying she’s perfect and I know there are things that drive everyone crazy about the people they care about, but you can’t dissect those parts of her. You can’t pick and pull at the pieces of her you don’t love. You can’t change her into the perfect person and you shouldn’t try. If you don’t love every part of her, you need to let her go.

If she isn’t your absolute best friend through the good and bad times, let her go. If you don’t want to run to her with good news, let her go. If you don’t want to take care of her when she’s sick, let her go. Let her go unless you want to love her, all over her, through the good, but especially through the bad.

Don’t stay with her because you’re scared to break her heart while you’re already out looking for someone new. You’re a shitty person and she deserves better. She deserves someone who will love every piece of her and that person is out there. Let her go so she can find the person whose heart throbs every time he sees her and is certain he wants to spend forever with her.

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