If You Could Write A Note To Your Younger Self


If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only two words ?

443 thoughts on “If You Could Write A Note To Your Younger Self”

  1. Usha Madan ,I am very honored be assured and I think it is a result of having lived before,many lives and many deaths and in the present only trying to understand for there is way more than ''meets our eyes''…thank you,you are meant to be here with me…peace…

  2. Thank you Karina. Still sort of new at this and don't know where or how to "like" something. I see the Like after the time you sent me your "perfect" comment. When I push like,it turns to unlike. Nearly 60 but still would like to get it right. How do you get a Like to appear?

  3. Let vicious and self-interested people reject you, laugh at you, because they love serving the devil. Let karma deal with them and their entourages, they'll pay all their life with trials, accidents, illness, hypocrisy in their life, death, etc…

  4. It was more meant for my child ( inner) calling me back from the hell of adulthood – as such, my grown mind telling child I can't bc it's hell too/ hell is for children. I just want to b called back-

    1. Like you, I have more in me than I thought. Well, I always "knew" that I had it. I just ignored it for others' sakes. And sold myself out in the process. Nothing wrong with being on your knees….when you stand back up….it's dizzying at first. But we learn, don't we, as we age? Stand tall and stand for the truth.

    1. As a kid you always think things will fall into place but that's never the case. Sometimes you make poor decisions that lead into a rougher road to travel to get where you want in life. A lot of times people don't ever find their way out. With age comes wisdom and maturity and I'm hopeful that I will do better.

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