If You Care About Someone — Put Your Phone Down

If you care about someone — put your phone down. Make them a priority, not just when it is easy, but when it is difficult as well. Show up for them. Don’t tell them you appreciate them; words are simple, but actions hold weight prove to them that they matter. Just be a good person. Too many people selfishly take hearts into their hands and don’t bother nurturing or protecting them. Too many people grow comfortable and complacent, they lose sight of what they have. Please, if you love someone — stand up for that. Choose them every single day, and if you can’t — let them go. They are better off giving their love to someone who has room within their chest to accept it, and you are better off figuring out what your heart desires before you try to open it to someone who just wants to give you the world.

— Bianca Sparacino


Image Courtesy: Unplash.com

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