If You Are Not Losing Friends, You’re Not Growing Up


“If you’re not losing friends, you’re not growing up” — Advice from a friend I’ll never forget

Have lost quite many friends throughout my life. And reading this does make me think now that is it cause I was doing better? Do we really leave behind those who didn’t keep up with us, while we are growing?

18 thoughts on “If You Are Not Losing Friends, You’re Not Growing Up”

  1. I've had to leave a lot of good people, and a lot of unhealthy energies, and sometimes I was the one that a friend left, but its all part of growing.

  2. The Minds Journal, everyone can grow up without losing friends especially if these friends are true and pure. But if their not worth, then yah! I guess it's better to lose them rather than they drag your growth and happiness…i guess, choose the right friends…✌️peace just saying…

    1. i agree but its almost impossible …because most of the time the people you consider your friends do not think of u as one and vice versa… also people grow in the sense their perspectives and philosophy on life changes which maybe diffferent from your and thats how they drift apart… Just stating my take on this..!! #Peace

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