If we were all forced to wear a warning label

If we were all forced to wear a warning label

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  1. This package comes with a warning: please read instructions before you open . Easy to assemble. First remove outer layers of wall built up around the heart, hold the hands while gently rubbing the front and back of said object,once you have successfully broken down the several layers of walls built inside remember to daily water the foundation with love and care. pay special attention to the transformation of your package, once you have assembled all the pieces you will have a solid treasure built for durability to last you a lifetime. Warning if you break any of these instructions there’s no guarantee to get your investment back.

  2. Warning: Excessive awkwardness ahead. Proceed at own risk if you are the slightest bit intolerant or reactive to dysfunction or emotions in another human being. Honest and open communication only accepted here, along with kindness, positivity and acceptance of all people. If you’re not a clone or striving for that, and don’t follow norms, you will be extra welcome.

  3. Warning: I do not tolerate people who complain, I suggest something, and they complain more without taking my suggestion. I also do not tolerate people who belittle others to make themselves look good. I dislike liars and thieves. Stay home. You are not welcome here.

  4. “To enter this darkness you must know you got the right ligt” … don’t get me wrong, I’m a very good person but you got to know that only the few worth for are able to know my true self.

  5. Warning: Misuse may cause dizziness, headaches, swollen ankles, hurt feelings, nausea, and suicidal thoughts. If these symptoms persist… you really messed up.

  6. Beware!Reckless,brutally honest,unapologetic true to herself bibliophile.Brilliant,brave,social unicorn.If you try to categorize her between girls who do their hair all day and nerds,call her weird because of her multiple hobbies she isn’t having it.Has a diploma in dancing with the devil.Be your best true self and she won’t hurt you.

    (btw girls who pay a lot of attention to their appearance can be also smart af.degrading a woman doesn’t make anyone stronger)

  7. warning; this person seems quiet, shy, and weird..but is really at a loss for words and is very caring, loveable, and kind, also can bake like nobodys business and is sweet as pie if you buy her baking ingredients;)

  8. Warning: Toxic to liars thieves and charlatans. Continued engagement with this individual may result in permanent disfigurement or even death. Sorry guys, but that is what it should say.

  9. You love me i love you….you respect me i will do the same…you make me feel left out, unimportant and not a part of decision making when it comes to our relationship….then don’t complain of any form on coldness from my side.

  10. Danger proceed with caution.. I can read your soul (i know your motive-be real or stay the hell away from me) or i don’t work well with others when they piss me off when extremely pissed off..one word “RUN”

    1. I would think deeply before i eat first , i would say who owns it? What if the owners gets angry. Its a criminal act to eat candy that is not yours.. Ahaha! Nahhh not really… Hehe

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