Something I Learned About People


Something I Learned About People

Something I learned about people… If they do it once, they’ll do it again.

42 responses to “Something I Learned About People”

  1. Patricia Tamez Avatar

    We all are in our own path but I believe that it' also up to us to try to change something if we think we must. As The Minds Journal said, we get experiences and we are inclined on walking across that path again, but maybe we can try to make it better.

  2. Koo Lé Gambin Avatar

    You attract who you are. Try loving yourself, and not expecting feedback – great expectations are the root cause of misery…7 Hermetic Principles. Be.

  3. The Minds Journal Avatar

    How are you doing Andrẹ A.

  4. Andrẹ A. Avatar

    The Minds Journal You got me scared… dammit haha
    I think i´m in that path, but the little hopes makes me stay…i´ll tell you how it goes lately

  5. Rajendra Singh Avatar

    To my openion it is just a natural fenomenon,which could be overcome by meditation.

  6. Drugsrbad Mmkayy Avatar

    Usually but not always

  7. Jennifer Sebits Avatar

    So very true most of the time. Thank goodness I learned enough to not repeat a few of my past mistakes. Still working on all the rest.

  8. Emilie Kilmartin Avatar

    Only if their stupid!

  9. Chuck Evans Avatar

    Let me introduce you to Jesus

  10. Yvonne Gariano Avatar

    I tried Vegemite once. Never again :p

    1. Kristy Cartan Avatar

      You ate it wrong!! Hahahahahahah. Seriously. You need to let me make you Vegemite on toast.

    2. Yvonne Gariano Avatar

      LOL noooo sorry Sweets. Even the preparation of kids' sandwiches makes me gag >.< :p xx

  11. Alaa Ghaffar Hussein Avatar

    Yes, they always do…
    In the same way we always do

  12. Letitgocoach Avatar

    True. Until they choose to change.

  13. Patricia Tamez Avatar

    Absolutely, I agree.

  14. The Minds Journal Avatar

    We get an experience. A pattern of behavior. And We are more inclined on walking cross that path again

  15. Perry Dave Avatar

    No I don't agree. sometimes it's happened due to any reason an if it's guilty I think wise person never do that same thing.

  16. Susan Serpe Zolfo Avatar

    Some Woolworth do and say hurtful things many times. Tired of second chances over and over. Learned the hard way

  17. Renu Gariya Avatar

    agreed with that ..

  18. Patricia Tamez Avatar

    It is just the way it is. No doubt, it is just the way we are.

  19. Erica Landy-Pinkney Avatar

    I don't agree totally with this. People can change.

  20. Elizabeth Prescott R Avatar

    Not always, ive done things that I'll never do again. Not because I have hurt other people in part, but I have also hurt myself in the process. Its called being human and learning from your mistakes. I guess it depends on what kind of person you are, and if you were intentional.

  21. EM Tablizo Avatar

    People change.

  22. Ann Nickerson Avatar

    I had to learn this the hard way and many times!

  23. Alban Antony Avatar

    never trust people you will end up like an asshole

  24. Sarah Khan Avatar

    There's always fear or hesitation doing anything for the first time.
    Once it's done , then become open or relaxed doing anything.

  25. Siddharth Khetan Avatar

    And if they're not. Either they love you or they're faking it

  26. Jayme Dallas Avatar

    It's hard to change; even if someone WANTS to change, they often can't

  27. Youssef Youssef Avatar

    No comment 🙂 ^_^

  28. Jhay Dee Avatar

    it's like saying history repeats itself.

  29. Cheryl Vallance Avatar

    There's a quote by Maya Angelou – I think- that says the first time someone shows you who they are, believe them. I think that's pretty true.

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