If only people could see their souls instead of their faces in the mirrors they hold

Sulekha Pande 

If only,
people could see,
their souls,
instead of their faces,
in the mirrors,
they hold


 Madhura Bhide
“ Mirrors Lie “
They don’t show You , What’s Inside!


Eljay Rivera Caravella
Your lack of self esteem 
will distort the reality 
of your true beauty.


 Manisha Shrestha 
Mirror, mirror everywhere
Not a mirror I can believe
Mirror, mirror everyone
All seem to deceive


Rinku Shah 
Mirror, mirror on the wall…
Tell me whether I’m pretty, fair or tall?
I know what you say is a lie,
Oh my!
It shows what’s on the outside,
Not inside.
Mirror, mirror don’t you see
What you say has been ruining me.
Enough of the old way,
Starting today!


 Erna Duspara 
The woman in the mirror 
is that really me?
Her face tells so many stories,
of how she used to be.
Sadness…frustration and regret,
just to name a few.
Heartbreak, pain, and loss,
all because of of you.
A map of broken journey’s 
written all over her face,
Her beauty is distorted,
but her spirit is in her grace.


 Jaimie Mazzone 
Your thoughts become the truth, 
but are not reality. 
Don’t let yourself become 
your own worst enemy. 
Love yourself always 
and your true beauty will light up 
even in the darkest nights.


Karthik Parthasarathy 
Never judge yourself
by what others say.
What they say is not fact
Just their point of view.
Let the mirror reflect
what is there in reality.
Not what you think is there
based on others’ judgements.


 Frankie Crabtree
 Ugly is what they said
Ugly is what she heard
Why did they have to kill her
With just that one word?
Some said it out of love
Others just for hate
One thing they all made clear
She would never have a mate.
For who could want
One as ugly as she
She had no one
I had only me.
So to this mirror
That tells no lie
Today is the day
This ugly will die.

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