If money didn’t exist

If money didn't exist

When I asked this to myself – yes !!!!! I willย 

Happy about that
What about you ?
Will you still do, what you are doing ?

65 thoughts on “If money didn’t exist”

  1. I would … but a little differently! Instead of being a teacher/artist who teaches art once a week, and squeezes personal projects into an already packed week; I'd be an artist/art teacher alllllllll day/week long!!!

    1. Yes, volunteer librarian at a military library on base. I do. Used to be a paid librarian years ago until the Great Recession hit. Now, just resumed recently as the first volunteer librarian and I absolutely love it! My library customers for the most part are soldiers and dependents. I am waking up each morning, planning my self-designed training, I am a reference librarian, going to the library and enjoying myself while doing what I continue to love.

    1. The Minds Journal, two words (hobby & passion) you used in this comment reminds me of someone who keeps mentioning this words during our early days of acquaintance…and got really shock when he said like painting…
      i wonder if he can read minds or has mind power…kinda interesting person.
      Sometimes i want to think you, tmj and that someone is just One (same person). I remember when this site Tmj first appeared on my news feed i immediately clicked the profile pic cause i can see something beyond and made me smile. Very creative, nice one.
      Well, probably my immagination was just so active that i can see things beyond the superficial…Anyways, thanks to Spongebob ha ha ha Lol!
      SMILE ๐Ÿ™‚

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