If marriage isn’t the Goal then why are you in a relationship?

If marriage isn't the Goal then why are you in a relationship?

If marriage isn’t the Goal then why are you in a relationship?

86 thoughts on “If marriage isn’t the Goal then why are you in a relationship?”

  1. Tyou are always treasured, I kept you in my heart .Have peace and happiness for better tomorrow and to reach the common goal. YOU are loved and special..

  2. Sometimes we need to be flexible , we have some works to do, don’t believe of what you hear or see, believe of what you feel, you must have a trust, and have faith.. one of the hierarchy of needs is love and belongings, and you got that. Feel love , smile and be happy.

  3. Once you are committed into a relationship your goal should BE UNITED INTO ONE..which is marriage… if not you are just wasting your efforts and time.

  4. well …..does relationships with marriage work in the long run ,,,,,,its like hit n run case ,,,,I have married for 23 years and remained ,.a widower for 20 years ,,,,and am still so as I feel it's better to be alone than to.be lonely with some one who is not compatible

  5. Well, the relationships with my child, sister, co-worker, snow plow operator, paper girl, boss, lover, friend etc. have many things in common and many things unique to each one; A relationship happens every time two people interact. A relationship also exists between the square root of 4 and the double of 2. I think the question is, "What has marriage got to do with sex?" (and perhaps vice-versa.)

  6. I would say, not the right words put into that question. I correct myself now – Meant to ask, if not marriage (like it used to be) what are you looking for, from a relationship ?

  7. With this question, I more of intended to ask, if not a marriage (which used to be earlier goals, what is one looking for in a relationship. I sure have screwed up my words on this one. Apology 🙂 Hope you understand it now

  8. Tish Kelly Park We often share relationships with people, may not be a romantic one – but different ones (the ones that may not come to the definition of any relationship. Once we try to Tag' (Give it a name – like a friend, a lover, a partner) – we often lose the charm, that used to be. If you name/tag the relationship – comes along a lot of guidelines , should bes'

  9. What a stupid,out-dated and out-of-touch messge this is. I though the mindsjournal was about opening up, accepting, changing, motivating, inspiring ! So what the hell is this ?? Something from a religious sermon ?? "If marriage isn't the goal" ? So the only reason to be in a relationship is to get married and settle down and that's it, game over. Really misguided.

  10. Because you don't need a goal of getting married to be in a relationship. Why is it when you are in a serious relationship people ask you when are you getting married? Or having kids? Etc. What's the goal after marriage? Is that it?

  11. Martina Kovačič It was explained that it was just an awkward wording. Interesting question for all the unmarrieds. Eliminating marriage as a reason for being in a relationship, what other factors are to be considered. What are you looking for? I get it. It was just not very clear.

  12. That's rather silly… there are plenty of reasons and meanings to relationships without having an end goal of being tied to one another. Your relationship should be love,growth, and sharing; it should never be about possession. If you have a relationship For the end goal of marriage, you may not be ready for one in the first place

  13. After what i've been through….i don't want to believe in marriage anymore, it's just a piece of paper that can be torn.
    Love, Respect, Loyalty, Care and Understanding of two people is needed in a real relationship.and putting God in the middle of the relationship always.

  14. Marriage is not the goal! Is the compromise of spending your life with someone. I'm married myself. But life is more about the friendship, the bond, going through the happy and the sad things together with someone. Finding that common ground.

  15. My thoughts on marriage: they should make it real hard to get married (ie prove you understand the other person well, can communicate well, support each other etc) and dead easy to get divorced (people have enough to worry about when a relationship breaks down to have to worry about the legal side). Sadly it is the other way around.

    1. Ok…still unclear. People are in relationships because they (think they) love each other? Marriage only cements the deal for some but not necessary so I don't see it as a goal of a relationship?

  16. why does marriage have to be the goal? If they love each other and they know it for certain, I don´t think there´s a need of "society's approval and recognition", which, as far as I'm concerned, is the meaning of marriage.

    1. if you don't marry, if your beloved one find some problem in hospital, you can't go in and can't decide for him/her because you are nobody! this is stupid but unfortunately is true and unacceptable… the same issue will pops up in all legal affairs, like a sudden death or will..


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